Sunday, May 31, 2009

Laura's here!

It has been pointed out to me that I haven't written much lately. We've been very busy with the end of term and me getting myself to the gym on a regular basis.  We've also been trying to sell my wonderful Jeep Grand Cherokee. I love it but we went the minivan route and it was time for the Jeep to find a new home. We think we've sold it and the buyers have told us they'll be over tomorrow evening to pick it up.

The boys are excited about summer camp starting tomorrow and can't wait to have some fun on the farm.  While the boys are at camp I plan to keep up my gym visits and although I find it hard to walk up stairs without taking a sharp intake of breath(!) I'm really trying to stay committed to my "get fit and healthy" routine. Grant and I have even been playing squash together and although he's better than me we both run around lots.
We're also very lucky to have Laura visiting us at the moment. Laura is Grant's neice and the boys love her. She is staying for a few months...maybe longer, maybe shorter...depending on what opportunities arise, but we're enjoying the extra help and company while she is here.
I'll have to start taking photos because I prefer posts with matching photos...perhaps one or two at summer camp tomorrow so watch out for more posts coming soon....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

at the park

This is the kind of day we've had ....

....silly boys and silly faces....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

first love?

Cameron really seems to have a crush on a girl at school.  I think it will be fun to remember this moment many years from now when he's with a serious girlfriend or perhaps at his wedding?  He told me today that his friend, Sarisha, was the nicest girl to look at in his class.  Isn't that lovely? He likes to play princes and princesses with her and their other friends during their playtime.

The good news is that she seems to like him too. Earlier this week she rushed up to say hello to him as he arrived at the classroom. "Want to play princes and princesses today?" she asked eagerly..."oh well, sure, I guess" said if he hadn't been talking about it in the car the whole way to school!  Playing it cool already Mr. Cameron!
Anyway, it is all very sweet and innocent and I think they've just reached an age where they realise they are building friendships of choice.  Cameron and I talked about kids he likes playing with at school and other kids who he'd rather not play with...he's growing up so fast! 


haircuts happened yesterday...boys looking older .. how is it that a haircut on my little boys makes them look older and I want a haircut to make me look younger?

chuck e cheese

Seriously. The people who think up these places need a good smack around the head. My kids loved it of course.  Even though we just went on Tuesday night for our first ever visit all I've heard since we were there is "can we go to C-E-C tonight...pllleeeaaaseee". Then I say is only for a treat... you can't go every day. Then I hear five minutes later "are we going to C-E-C tomorrow?"  I might regret taking them there!

Here are a few photos of the fun...
Anyway, it could have been worse. It was quiet and the boys had a wonderful time. Really, they loved it. Cameron said to me at night.. "I love C-E-C but I love you more mummy"....oh thank goodness!


Granny Tina started me gardening. So even though she's back home I decided to go out there today and do some weeding and use some weed killer. I'd only be out there about 15 mins when I saw this big snake - yikes! It's a garter snake (thank you internet) and its about 2 feet long. 

It completely creeped me out and now I don't want to go back in there. Plus, it is raining again.

granny in scotland

Granny Tina is back in Scotland safe and sound. We miss you Granny!

Here is Granny with the boys in Meadowlark before all the rain started.  Will it ever stop?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

a day out with thomas

It might be the last year that trains are cool for Cameron.  We drove to Baltimore this afternoon to see the B&O Railroad and their Day Out with Thomas. Jamie and Cameron were both really excited about seeing Thomas the Tank Engine and riding on a train. Jamie was so excited the first time he spotted Thomas coming into the station.

Unusually, it has been pouring with rain so we needed new rain coats for the boys so they didn't get too wet.  Matching coats...they'll kill me when they're older!
The B&O museum was great. There were some old trains to climb on and the restored roundhouse train shed was beautiful.  But the best part of the day was a short train ride on Thomas.  Cameron, Jamie, Granny and I had a great day out. Thomas is a really useful engine.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Jamie and Cameron love to be superheroes.  Jamie was given a Batman costume for his birthday - thanks to Anna and family! - you can see how much he's loving dressing up.