Monday, June 28, 2010

obx 2010

Cameron with one of the fish that Dave caught.

The kids enjoy a game of football on the beach after dinner.
The sunset that evening was wonderful.

Icecream for dessert on the beach.

Jamie was a surfer dude (plus swim goggles!) and loved his boogie board.

Jamie the shell finder.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

cameron wants to be a hockey player

Cameron really wants to play ice hockey. Now he has all the gear and he's ready to go. I've signed him up for summer camp "mini-mites" hockey in July. He's very excited.

jamie can sleep anywhere

Here is my little boy fast asleep on a hard wooden bench at the ice rink. Cameron is speeding around the rink practicing for class but Jamie is taking his nap. It is a gift to be able to sleep so well in any location. As his Auntie Donna says, when he is a teenager he will be half boy - half mattress.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

my preschool graduate

Cameron officially "graduated" preschool last week and his school had a big end of year graduation ceremony. Cameron is always happy to be on stage singing (takes after his father?) and was right up front singing loud and clear. He really enjoyed the show and even got to use the microphone to introduce the director of the school.

Here is Cameron looking very proud in his graduation gown and hat.

The graduating class of 2010. (girls in yellow, boys in blue)

Cameron and his friend Christian with their diplomas.

The after party with his friend Chase - more cookies and punch please!
Although it was just the end of preschool it was also the end of a chapter in Cameron's life and it felt a little sad but also exciting. His Kindergarten and elementary years will be so much fun but he also loved his preschool and his friends.

As his mum I am extremely proud of him. I'm amazed as I watch him grow and change.