Monday, June 29, 2009

friends and meadowlark

Today we were with the boys at Meadowlark. Not just Cameron and Jamie but their friends Oliver, Archie and Harvey were there too. We had a great time looking for tadpoles in the ponds, looking at geese and we even saw a snake. The picnic at the end of the morning was fun too.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ben Chonzie

Granny is our Munro climbing star! Here is the view she just sent from her latest summit.

A Munro is a mountain over 3000ft and this is not her first - go Granny Tina!

in a tree

Laura is teaching the boys how fun it can be to climb trees.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

picnic and snakes

Leigh came over this afternoon with Elliot and Lucas. The boys had a great time in the garden and messed around with all the toys. They found a frog that they chased into the hostas and then they had a picnic snack.

Good thing they didn't see the 4 foot long black snake tangled in the bird netting over our vegetable patch. After the kids were safely upstairs Laura and I put on our best Crocodile Dundee outfits (gardening gloves, kitchen tongs and kitchen scissors) and went downstairs to cut the snake out of the netting. We did a pretty good job and were happy not to get bitten.
It is a big black snake, honest...

fathers day

happy fathers day to Grant!

Grant gets a gift certificate for sailing lessons next weekend!
The boys were so helpful with opening presents. Oh look - new photos of Cameron and Jamie!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Where a kid can drive their parents crazy...or maybe where a kid can be a kid. Thank goodness Laura was there to help out today...but as a treat we took the boys to their new favourite play place.  Here is a photo of Cameron on a video game ride...he *loved* it....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

ice-cream time

Cameron and Jamie love Ben & Jerry's.

Here's the "where did my ice-cream go?" look....
Jamie is very serious about his chocolate ice cream...


Yesterday was a really hot sunny Saturday morning and it was the last football class of this session.  I realised that I hadn't taken any photos at football yet so here are a few of the boys in action.

Here is the warm up...
We played a parents vs. kids game..
water break...

Friday, June 12, 2009

picnic time

After summer camp I meet the boys and we have a picnic at the farm. It was really hot today so the boys got ice-cream to cool down. See how happy icecream makes Cameron...

This is Jamie relaxing on the picnic blanket - obviously a tough morning at camp.
Laura helps Jamie with the rapidly melting icecream...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i love nyc

Did I mention that we all had matching tshirts?

new york and hoboken

I had the best weekend but it was just too short...why do times with your friends fly by so quickly?

I went to see Amanda, Anne and friends in NYC for a girls weekend. We were celebrating Amanda's 40th birthday but she still looks 21 :-) In one day we did The Sex and the City tour, the Staten Island Ferry, the rooftop bar and sculpture garden of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the bar in the Rainbow Room of the Rockefeller Center and finally a laugh at the Gotham Comedy Club.  Thanks for including me in a fun weekend!

I also got to catch up with my friends in Hoboken. I miss our times in Hoboken together. Laughing about things that are happening to us and around us. I'm looking forward to our next get-together in October.

Monday, June 1, 2009

swimming class

This is the swimming lesson....

and this is after swimming....guess it has been a busy day.

bye-bye jeep

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has the best, most comfy seats ever. It also has automatic headlights, courtesy seating and drives great.  It now belongs to someone else...bye-bye Jeep...hello minivan.

Promise me I can drive a car of my choice again some day??


Cameron recently found three caterpillars in our garden and we put them into his bug habitat. Today the caterpillars finally emerged as moths. We took them outside and one managed to crawl onto Cameron and then fly away...the others might have to be "helped" out into the garden...I don't think they'll make it on their own!

summer camp

The first day of summer camp was a big success. Jamie is back with a camp counsellor that we had last year - Kristin - and Cameron has two new counsellors. They were both exhausted after camp.  Laura and I had a picnic with the boys then brought them home.

This is Cameron pretending to sleep during our picnic.
And this is Laura with the boys. They are pretending that her hand is a leaf and they are playing with their bug cookies.