Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nanaimo #4

not sure when to stop with the photos but we did a lot in 3 weeks!

Jamie laughing at Grant at the water park...

Granny checking out the big fountain at the water park...
The lovely Long Beach in Tofino. Lots of logs at the back of the beach make for great climbing..
Cameron admires Long Beach....

Here's looking at you Crystal Cove...we love the log cabins and pretty beach.

Nanaimo #3

and a few more....

Granny and Cameron on Crystal Cove beach.

Jamie does the "I just stacked lots of wood" dance.

Hello over there...the boys walk around Colliery Dam with Granny.

After a swim in Westwood lake what better thing than a nice warm hug with a log.

Cameron looks passed out on this log...perhaps because it is nice and warm too.

Nanaimo #2

and more from our trip....

For Grant, no holiday is complete without a boat trip...this time he went fishing with John and they caught three big salmon.

Callie loves fish heads....

John and his big catch....

Auntie Stef went gleaning and brought home buckets of apples. Cameron discovered that he loves peeling apples - eat one, peel one, eat one, peel one...and then make apple pie...yum!

A trip to Canada wouldn't be complete without s'mores....Cameron has his mouth full and loves them!

Jamie licks his fingers clean.

Nanaimo #1

Just back from 3 weeks of fun in Canada.
It was a busy time, with lots of new things to see and do. It has also been 3 years since I last saw my brother John so it was good to catch up and spend some time together.

Here are a few photos from our travels....

Cameron learnt so much about starfish and other sea creatures from Auntie Stef. This one looks like it is about to swallow him whole!

The weather wasn't the best in Tofino but we just put on our rain coats and had lots of walks on the beach. It didn't keep the boys out of the water and by our third day it was sunny!

Waving goodbye to our train...the last train to Parksville!

Granny and the boys check the map at the train station.

Granny and John on the beach at Parksville.
The last day...a timer photo so we are all together....even Callie.